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Whether you’re buying a new home or just want to make your existing home that dream escape you’ve always wanted, we at Tuskers Home Store know that furnishing your home can be a little over whelming at times. What sofa fabric? What lamp? What rug? What accessories? Those are just a few of the questions most consumers are faced with when designing a room, then compound that when the need is for an entire home or condominium. We usually suggest finding a basic plan or theme for the home …. is your vision for your home light and airy or rich and full of color. Do you want modern, traditional, casual or a mixture of styles. After coming up with your overall theme we usually recommend throwing in an eclectic accent piece or two to give it that cutting edge look….don’t be afraid to mix wood finishes or fabrics and leathers. Tuskers has over 1000 fabrics and leathers for your living room selections as well as a large selection of bedrooms, dining rooms, rugs and accessories. Tuskers is your one stop shop for all of your home furnishing needs. After figuring out what style of furniture you want the next problem you’re facing is sorting through the disparity of prices you’ll find in furniture stores. How do you determine how much you should spend to get the quality you want without getting ripped off? Tuskers Home Store sells what we feel is the “Perfect Priced Furniture” ….quality furniture without the overpriced designer boutique prices. A sofa should be built with a wood frame and have quality cushions and springs. Usually a quality fabric sofa will range in the $699 to $1299 range, the difference being the price of the fabric used as upholstery. Once you’re at this grade of construction anything more is simply a waste of your money. The same holds true with case goods, once you hit a certain level of construction it can’t be made any better so a higher price doesn’t always equate to higher quality. At the other end of the spectrum is cheap furniture. Discount store furniture that you have to throw away in a year isn’t a value at any price. Tusker’s buyers have worked meticulously to source the best furniture and accessories out there at the best prices. At Tuskers we have a team dedicated to fulfilling your vision for your home or room at a price you’re going to love.






Leather on the Coast. We get asked every day if Leather is good for the coast. Our answer is always a definitive YES. Good leather is hands down the best upholstery fabric out there. There are three misconceptions about quality leather we hear from our customers on a daily basis. The first is that they think it’s hot or cold. The second, that it’s not durable and needs special care and that it cracks with age. Leather found in almost all vehicles and most of the leather found in furniture stores is heavily corrected. What is corrected leather …. most leather is a byproduct of the beef industry and consequently most hides have numerous blemishes, cuts, scratches, etc that need correcting. After the blemishes have been corrected a lustrous finish is airbrushed on top of the hide. This process looks confusingly good and makes it hard to tell corrected leather from non corrected leather when it’s new. Once a hide is corrected and painted it’s no longer porous and the lack of air flow causes the hide to be hot in the summer and cold in winter. The correction/painting process is also a temporary finish. There are various grades of corrections but even the best corrected leather will peel and crack with time. Tuskers Home Store primarily sells only full aniline dyed leathers. An aniline dyed leather starts with an almost flawless hide so no correction is needed. Then it’s dyed for a permanent lifetime finish yielding one of the most comfortable and durable piece of furniture you’ll ever own.    


Designing at the beach. At Tuskers we have far too many customers come in from out of town that just bought a condo and think they have to go with wicker or Hawaiian shirt looking furniture. Destin and our surrounding coastline is a vibrant upscale market as are most homes and condominiums in the area. You can give your home or condo a resort look and feel without using wicker furniture and upholstery that looks like a Hawaiian shirt. Tusker’s design staff usually uses fabric or leather base fabrics and then accents with pillows, pictures, etc to bring in color, character and pop. We also use bedrooms and dining rooms that could be used in most homes anywhere. We use both traditional and casual furniture and give it that resort look with relaxed linens, soft cottons and other resort lifestyle fabrics. For instance, another wise formal bed can become a relaxed West Indies style bed by simply adding a light linen duvet and accent pillows. There are a lot of varying styles along our coast. From the Old World charm of Rosemary Beach, to the fun and artsy lifestyle of Seaside to the beautiful Tuscan homes of Sandestin…. each of which requiring specifically styled furniture. Our design staff at Tuskers will design your room or condo with the focus of maintaining the overall flow and design of your home while introducing a few artsy and eclectic pieces to give it that resort feel. Tuskers Home Store is open 7 days a week and our sales and design staff are here to help.      


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